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Sauna Pods of the Hocking Hills offers 1 Hr, 2Hr and Full-day reservations.

What: Book a barrel-shaped, cedar sauna featuring a floor-to-ceiling fish-eye window facing a Hocking Hills view. Drive right up – no hiking required. Step through the changing chamber, to the sauna – hot and waiting! Seats four. Bring music to connect to the Blutooth speakers and experiment with the built-in chemotherapy (mood lighting). Pick up bottled water and towels at check-in.

Who: Ideal for day trippers, vacationers who want to enhance an overnight stay and locals.

Extras: Add Chalets branded robes for $45 each. What else would you like to see as an extra? Let us know!





Rates: $75 1 Hr, $100 2 Hr; $200 Full Day
Rates likely to change seasonally. Book, now, to lock into introductory rates!

When: 8:30am - 7pm
Visit as often as you’d like. Enjoy it before and after your hike or other adventures!





Rates: $75 1 Hr, $100 2 Hr; $200 Full Day
Rates likely to change seasonally. Book, now, to lock into introductory rates!

When: 8:30am - 7pm
Visit as often as you’d like. Enjoy it before and after your hike or other adventures!

Sauna Pods

Why Pod?

Try these hot new spaces - to ease the Hill chill or the hike ache with your friends or date, before you head home or to your cabin.

Unlike the box sauna of gym – these pods enhance your sense of place. The view as you drive up to your cedar sauna pod will delight you and your companions; then the Hocking Hills view from the inside will make you melt.

Like traditional sauna baths, sauna pods are an enclosed space with a dry heat source – an environment intended to open your pores and make you sweat, while easing tensions in tight muscles. Our sauna pods are cedar lined and wrapped – a built-in aromatic experience – comfortable on your skin, even when hot. Customize your experience by adjusting the temperature, creating steam – by ladling water over the heat source, experimenting with the mood-altering chronotherapy (That’s “lighting” to you and me), and playing music from your mobile device.

Unlike the sauna tucked away in your gym’s locker room, sauna pods are mobile and set out in nature. We’ve taken that tip from the hearty Finns credited with developing the practice of sitting in hot caves – and have improved on the design: placing them with views of rocks, instead of barricading you inside of a cave with rocks. A floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, fish-eye window encourages you to be still and to contemplate a singularly beautiful view.

Come back to see that view in another season. Or try another sauna pod, for another great view. More coming soon.

Best Sauna Pods In Town

Premium Sauna Pods in the Hocking Hills Region.

"We brought hot tubs to the Hocking Hills in the 1980's and we are excited to offer the next hot thing! I can't wait to hear your feedback on where you'd like to find these. From The Chalets you can trust they’ll be safe, clean and state-of-the-art.” "

Dannie Devol III
Vice President, Chalets Hocking Hills
Hocking Hills Sauna Pod at night time.
Who Pod?

Sauna Pods are for everyone who enjoys the Hocking Hills life!

Day Trippers

Book half days, so you can drop in before and after your hike and other excursions. The cozy barrel is an amazing contrast to the great outdoors. No cabin required! Seats four comfortably.



Enhance and extend your stay in the Hills, with another adventure: coming and going from your private hot house, morning, afternoon and night. Healthy and romantic.



Treat yourself and make the most of living in a vacation destination – by trying the latest hot thing.

(Want one of your own? Let’s talk.)



1What is a sauna?
It is an enclosed space with a dry-heat source, designed to open a people’s pores and to make them sweat. And the experience feels really good.
A sauna pod is a free-standing sauna unit. Ours are cylindrical and feature a - wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, tinted, domed window. Both the outside and inside are Western cedar wood – for built-in aroma therapy, antibacterial properties and great looks. The entrance is through a small changing room. The sauna is lined with a bench seat and a reclining seat. A third seat fits into the domed window. It seats four comfortably. It is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and chromotherapy lighting, so bathers may customize their experiences.
A sauna pod fits four people comfortably. The ceiling height in the center is just over 6 feet tall. From interior door to window is 7 feet. The exterior is 16-feet long and 10-feet tall.
A sauna is about the heat; A steam room is about the humidity.
The ideal temperature is 120 – 150F.
Yes! Not only does it feel good; But also it is good for you! You should make it a habit, according to this article: Sauna Use Linked to Longer Life
The primary risk is dehydration – because the point of a sauna is to make you sweat. So stay hydrated with the provided bottled water and don’t stay in for long periods.
Experts recommend up to 15, at a time. So no – you may not stay in for your entire reservation period. Plan to come and go. The primary risk of staying in is dehydration.
Four adults. There are two benches and a reclining chair. You may need to take turns in the tiny changing compartment.
Children ages 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult.
No – humans only.
Currently, we offer two sauna pods. Both are near Old Man’s Cave at the Chalets in Hocking Hills 18905 SR 664 S, Logan, Ohio 43138
The windows are tinted and face a Hocking Hills view, away from the parking spot. Each pod’s entrance is set just off of a driveway with a parking spot.

Get In Touch

Sauna Pods in Hocking Hills are so new, we don’t have online reservations, yet! Phone us @740-249-1283 to learn more and to book times at the launch. Or stop by the offices of the Chalets Hocking Hills, to discuss.

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